Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Western Online New Site Feature

I added a scrolling News ticker box on the front page of the site, its pretty cool. I also added it to my personal website.

Mike, the associate editor of The Western Online, has been working on some new art for the site that I'm going to be publishing soon, tomorrow I hope. I'm also going to use the image as cover art for our listing on Duotrope.

We are still working on getting readership built up, so help us spread the word about The Western Online. The stories we've published so far are excellent.

"Box Canyons" by Terry Sanville is the first accepted story that we published at The Western Online. It's a very good read.

"Working for the Pawnee Agency" by Oscar Case is based on the exploits of the writer's great-great grandfather during the 1830s and '40s.

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