Thursday, November 19, 2009

Updates at The Western Online

We published a new short story today by Kenneth Mark Hoover called "Three Wise Men." Its a great story any fan of Westerns will enjoy. It's another Haxan story told from the perspective of Marshal John T. Marwood.

I've created a website banner for the site that I've got on several of the pages, feel free to use the image as a link to The Western Online if you wish. I created the banner myself and I'm not as artistically inclined as others, (I prefer to paint my pictures with words).

Not much has been happening on our Forum page, so I added a few topics for discussion. Using our forum is simple, there is nothing to sign up for. The topics I added are Gunfighters, Western Movies, and Western Writers. Visitors can discuss any of those topics or start their thread for discussion, all we ask is that it deals with Westerns or the Old West.

We've also added a new "Add This" bookmarking tool on every page of the site so now visitors can easily add The Western Online to their bookmarks or send a link to the site to their friends on their favorite social network.

Stop by and check out our latest updates at

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weekly Update and NASCAR article

I've been pretty busy lately, working on the new novel that I just started. I spent most of the day yesterday working on the synopsis/plot summary that I use sort of as a road map, so that I'm writing toward a goal. A lot of times after I write the opening scene and plot summary, I'll write the climax/final scene too.

I'm glad to be working on a novel, I always find that I'm happier and in a better mood when I'm working on something, rather than bouncing from project to project, like I've been doing recently. I've cranked out a lot of short stories lately and its good to be working on a novel, because for me, the two different forms of fiction are completely different processes. Now while I'm working on my next novel, I'm going to spend some time to submitting as many short stories as possible. I've already got several markets lined out for submitting.

My NASCAR column for the week was published yesterday at Insider Racing News. This weeks article is: Earnhardt Looks Ahead to Next Season... Again. Check it out and let me know what you think. I always enjoy the feedback I get, regardless of whether my readers agree with my opinions or not.