Friday, October 9, 2009

The Western Online Listed at

The Western Online has been listed at Ralan only lists speculative fiction and humor markets. How did The Western Online get listed on such a site? Well, I recently decided to start publishing Westerns with supernatural elements, such as ghost stories.

The Western Online is still exclusively dedicated to Westerns, but the listing at exposes us to a wider audience, which means more quality submissions and more readers.

The Western Online is dedicated to everything Western. The type of story most likely to be published here is the traditional post-Civil War Western. However, we will consider any story that is connected with the early settling of America that takes place during the 1700s and early 1800s, from swashbuckling pirates to mountain men and the early pioneers. Since people who lived in the Old West tended to be somewhat superstitious and tales of ghosts often ran rampart, we will consider stories with supernatural elements (ghost stories, or stories dealing with regional folklore; some horror elements may even be okay, query first) as long as the story is clearly Western.

We won't publish stories with spaceships or aliens, no space westerns. If unsure of what type of story we publish, be sure to query: editor*at*thewesternonline*dot*com.

Be sure to read our complete guidelines before you submit.

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